Our Mission

Collectively, the churches of Gurnee believe that God has called us to work together toward a greater Kingdom vision than we could ever pursue on our own. As we have sought the face of God together, we understand that He asks us to pursue the following mission:

We will partner together to make relevant, personal contact with every Gurnee household to effectively present the Gospel so they can believe.page13image1160 There are several vital elements to this mission:

Partner Together

When God looks down from Heaven, He does not see many different churches throughout a city, but rather one Church gathering in many locations. As God has led Gurnee pastors into strong relationships of trust with one another, we understand that He asks us to pray, think, and act as one, united Church in Gurnee.

Relevant, Personal Contact

Every person is unique and at a different point in life. We believe God asks us to meet people where they are and to develop genuine friendships with them so that we can demonstrate His love in a way that is deeply meaningful to each individual.

Every Gurnee Household

Every single person matters to God, regardless of race, ethnicity, educational level, socio- economic status, or geography. Therefore we hope to saturate our community with praying, bold Christians who draw near to their neighbors and share Christ’s love and message. We hope that it becomes impossible for a person to live in Gurnee and not encounter Christ in His people.

Effectively Present the Gospel

God has commanded us to love people, and because we love them, we are compelled to share the Gospel with them. The Gospel is the power of God to transform lives, Christians share their faith in Jesus in ways that are clear, meaningful, and helpful in leading their friends closer to God.

The Gospel

The Good News is that the God who made us and loves us has taken the
initiative through His Son, Jesus, and His work on the cross to put us back into right relationship with Him through repentance and faith.

So They Can Believe

Our prayer is that thousands of people in our community will respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ and be reconciled to God in a way that transforms their lives forever.