Frequently Asked Questions

 What is “The Go! Project”?

The Go! Project is an initiative among churches in Gurnee to saturate their community with the Gospel in order to give every man, woman, and child many opportunities to respond to God.

 What type of churches are a part of “The Go! Project”?

The Go! Project has participants that embrace its mission and values from a broad spectrum of healthy, Christ-centered Kingdom-minded churches in our community.

 Can ‘The Go! Project’ really be successful?

While no one church can ever hope to reach a community alone, the Church can — and it is called to do just that! Only a diverse plurality of faith communities in a local area has the necessary bandwidth to connect with all the people who live there. Working with one another, Christians have more than enough capacity to saturate their community with the Gospel and give every individual repeated opportunities to respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

 How can people living out side of Gurnee participate?

Our initial focus is on Gurnee because this initiative must begin in our “Jerusalem” (Acts 1:8), which is our city. However in developing the Go! Project to reach every household in Gurnee, God gave back to us a way for everyone in our churches to form a missional community in their circle of influence and together, saturate it with the gospel. To learn how, click, “How do I start a Go! Project Group in my sphere of influence?”.

 How can theologically diverse churches partner together?

While there are theological distinctions among our churches, we recognize that they are in secondary areas and what we share in common is far greater than what we hold distinctly. As a group of pastors, we have found unhindered joy in our partnership and our common mission to reach our community and see as many people get to Heaven as possible. We believe our people will have the same experience.

 How will we measure success?

We hope that soon all people across Lake County engage with other Christians to share Christ, and we see value in following the progress of the Church in Gurnee in this area. Therefore we plan to track our prayer for our neighbors, our presence, our proclamation of the gospel, as well as the attendance, conversions, and growth of the Church of Gurnee as a whole.

 What are the boundaries of “The Go! Project”?

Because of the irregular borders of the Village of Gurnee we have identified our primary focus within the boundaries of Highways 45, 41, 120 and Wadsworth.
How could a group of churches outside of Gurnee start a “Go! Project” in their community?
The work God is doing through The Go! Project in Gurnee has captured the imagination of a number of pastors across the country who have asked for us to share the story of how this initiative came together. If you would like to know more, click, “How do we start a Go! Project in our community?”. There you will find a presentation by a number of Gurnee pastors sharing our story including the context of our partnership, convictions, values, strategical planning process, timeline, and more. Our hope is that our story will encourage other pastors to consider how God might already have given them all the church their community needs to saturate their city with the Gospel.